Immersive Training Solutions

JBHXR was founded with the vision of providing small business, independent contractors and large organisations with cost effective training that minimises down time and maximizes productivity.

JBHXR enables the provision of immersive and rich industry focussed skills and safety training experiences. Ideal for the provision of high consequence as well as accredited and non-accredited training.

Combining online, augmented reality and virtual reality platforms, the JBHXR training solution can be utilised to deliver accredited and non-accredited training anywhere in the world.
The turnkey approach to embedding XR training technology in the workplace minimises upfront capital investment whilst returning improved productivity.

Virtual Reality

Realistic simulated environments for practising & assessment of skills.

Augmented Reality

Leveraging AR to leverage skills when you need them, where you need them. Ideal for just in time training scenarios.

Online Learning

Accessable, easy to use
online learning.

Face to Face

Face to face training for those things best done in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Immersive training solutions have been developed with convenience as one of the key drivers.  All XR training solutions are shipped with hardware specifications enabling you to provide staff with access to training from the comfort of your premises.

Most courses involve an online learning component, Complimented by an XR training experience. The XR  component can be done at our JBHXR experience centres in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth or we can provide the VR equipment for use on your site.
No.  We provide XR software solutions typically with hardware integrated.  Talk to us to find out more.
VR provides the opportunity to develop perceptual expertise and cognitive skills such as problem-solving, and decision-making under stress, without exposing trainees or others to unacceptable risks. Ideal for high consequence training.
Contact us to book a demo of our XR training solutions or to discuss bespoke development of your training content.

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