Monthly Archives: December 2021

Why VR?

Up until recently the adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for training has been limited to big-budget organisations. However, with new developments in VR hardware and the growth of affordable content libraries, we are now seeing many organisations start to … Read More


How JB Hunter is leading the way with Extended Reality Training

Shane Darwin, CEO of JB Hunter and JBHXR  sat down with aXcelerate, Australia’s number 1 cloud-based Student Management System to chat about his work in implementing Extended Reality into training. JB Hunter was one of the first Australian RTOs to adopt online training … Read More

Transforming Employability for Students using VR

Job Interview Simulator is a first of its kind, an immersive VR interview coaching tool that empowers job seekers to learn interview techniques, polish and perfect their pitch and practice dozens of interview questions. Feedback from users who have taken … Read More