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NEWSLETTER: Latest news in Virtual Reality with JBHXR

Is VR training more efficient than other learning methods? VR training allows course and training providers to offer more efficient training with a higher degree of security at a lower cost. But how effective is VR training for learning? VR … Read More

SeriousLabs EWP Simulator

Using the Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator to evaluate operator proficiency: a case study

In any group of Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operators, there will be highly proficient operators as well as those who are less proficient – potentially even posing a safety risk on the jobsite. Understanding who these operators are is … Read More

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The Future of VR for Access Equipment

Jim Colvin, CEO of Virtual Reality (VR) training simulator and solutions specialist Serious Labs,looks to the future of VR training, alongside operator efficiency and safety. Serious Labs MEWP simulators are available exclusively in Australia through This article was originally … Read More

Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream for Learning

Remember when virtual reality (VR) training was limited to astronauts and heart surgeons? The technology has always held tremendous promise as an immersive training experience, but its high cost made it prohibitive for all but the most extreme learning scenarios. … Read More

Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator

Getting to know the MEWP Simulator

What is a MEWP Simulator? The award-winning MEWP VR Simulator from Serious Labs brings this leading-edge technology to MEWP operators for assessment, training, and recertification. With real-world machine controls and motion, the MEWP VR Simulator provides for immersive training and … Read More

SeriousLabs EWP Simulator

JBHXR and Serious Labs partner to bring aerial lift training to Australia in immersive virtual reality

JBHXR, a leading provider of extended reality (XR) learning solutions for Australian businesses, is pleased to announce the availability of immersive, realistic virtual reality (VR) training for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). This training will be made possible through JBHXR’s … Read More

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Immersive Learning is helping L&D to take the next step in the digital transformation.

At JBHXR we have been working with organisations since 2020 to help them integrate immersive learning, including VR, into their training curriculums. Evidence abounds to the benefits of VR, offering realistic, engaging, and repeatable practice and assessment experiences that have been shown to deliver significant improvements over traditional training. … Read More

Why VR?

Up until recently the adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for training has been limited to big-budget organisations. However, with new developments in VR hardware and the growth of affordable content libraries, we are now seeing many organisations start to … Read More


How JB Hunter is leading the way with Extended Reality Training

Shane Darwin, CEO of JB Hunter and JBHXR  sat down with aXcelerate, Australia’s number 1 cloud-based Student Management System to chat about his work in implementing Extended Reality into training. JB Hunter was one of the first Australian RTOs to adopt online training … Read More

Transforming Employability for Students using VR

Job Interview Simulator is a first of its kind, an immersive VR interview coaching tool that empowers job seekers to learn interview techniques, polish and perfect their pitch and practice dozens of interview questions. Feedback from users who have taken … Read More