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Access to an Extensive XR Training Libary

JBHXR offers access to accredited and non-accredited VR training modules from our extensive content library. ​

Access to exciting, engaging and cost-effective content is critical if an organisation wants to take advantage of the benefits of XR as a training technology.​ JBHXR’s library of content can be used as-is or, working with our skilled and experienced development team customised to meet an organisation’s unique business and industry requirements. If the VR training modules you need are not currently available in our library, we can work with you to design and create bespoke content from scratch.

JBHXR also supports the deployment of any existing XR content you may have to our platform and onto your headsets.

​Get the most exciting and engaging enterprise XR content available today. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Start a conversation with us about your organisation’s needs.

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