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Let's Talk About Race

How do you create an environment that welcomes everyone?

Race and diversity can be a difficult topic. The “Let’s Talk About Race” learning program provides a safe and nurturing environment to learn how to handle race and diversity. 

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Diversity and Inclusivity (Let's Talk About Race)

This series of modules takes the learner on a journey from all angles.

The first module, Navigating Microaggressions, is available now, with other modules coming March 2022.


Let's Talk About Race Training Modules

Navigating Microaggressions

Identify and challenge microaggressions safely and effectively.

Through this scenario, you will:

Reflect on your personal reaction to microaggressions
Identify common microinsults and microinvalidations and learn about how they impact the lives of marginalised people
Learn strategies for having constructive conversations about racism
Practise challenging others to reflect on their microaggressions safely and effectively

The Scenario

Microaggressions – those everyday slights, snubs and insults that reinforce discriminatory world views of inclusion, exclusion, superiority and inferiority – are a familiar and deeply damaging part of everyday interactions for many marginalised and under-represented people. But they are often invisible to those who are not on the receiving end.

This fly-on-the-wall simulation holds up a mirror to the blindspots around our biases and helps reveal what we’re often not even aware of.

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