Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! That’s one of the key differences between our VR Training and other Virtual and Augmented Reality Training solutions. Multi-user VR allows up to dozens of trainees and other users to learn, practice, and interact together in the same environment at the same time — from potentially numerous global endpoints.

Yes — but importantly, they can also be randomised. That’s another feature that makes JBHXR VR Training unique in the market today. Our first-to-market Scenario Randomisation helps us avoid “teaching to the test”, exposing trainees to potentially millions of different situational details, ensuring no two training sessions are the same, (unless you want them to be).

Yes. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be VR. JBHXR can distribute Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality content — regardless of whether it was created by JBHXR, licensed from our content library, created internally by a company, or developed by a third party.

The JBHXR platform allows organisations to access, distribute, and manage VR content on a wide variety of the most popular tethered and standalone VR hardware platforms, including (but not limited to), HTC , HP,  Oculus, Pico, Microsoft and more.

JBHXR have scalable price models to suit business large and small. Separate user plans are available for the platform access as well as the content library. Contact us for details.

Yes. JBHXR can work with your subject matter experts to design VR training that customised to your unique business requirements. Customised or adapted content can also be created by reusing the existing modules we have in our library, potentially saving significant time and money.

Yes. We can work with you to ensure that learner records are updated based on backend data updating between our platform and your systems reducing time and increasing efficiency