Getting to know the MEWP Simulator

Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator

What is a MEWP Simulator?

The award-winning MEWP VR Simulator from Serious Labs brings this leading-edge technology to MEWP operators for assessment, training, and recertification.

With real-world machine controls and motion, the MEWP VR Simulator provides for immersive training and assessment simulation. The result is a powerful skill-building tool that enables operators to work more efficiently and safely, increasing capability, productivity and reducing the risk of accidents.

Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator content

What can the MEWP Simulator do?

AESSESS COMPETENCE – Objectively measure and compare operators with our award-winning ESP Scoring™ system. Easy-to-use reports show who your best operators are, who needs more training, and what specific skills they need to focus on.

RISK PROFILING – Identify the risk each operator brings prior to placing them on the jobsite so you can make data-driven decisions about work assignments and monitoring.

TRAINING – Increase operators’ skills, safety, and efficiency with industry-leading curriculum. Each learner receives individualised training targeted at their specific areas for improvement.

PRACTICE CHALLENGING SCENARIOS – Practice for entrapment, overhead crushing, vehicle loading, and other challenging operations—all in a risk-free VR environment.

PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT – The VR simulator provides training anytime, anywhere. Upskill and assess operators without pulling them off the jobsite or tying up an actual MEWP.

MEWP VR Simulator Fast Facts

  • #1 There are over 150 Serious Labs simulators deployed in 15 countries around the world
  • #2 Includes 40+ scenarios for boom, slab, and rough terrain scissor MEWPs 
  • #3 Features special scenarios for aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)
  • #4 Winner of multiple awards for quality and innovation
  • #5 Sets up in a 6’ by 8’ space (including room for a facilitator)
  • #6 Uses a standard 110 volt plugin
  • #7 Can be transported quite easily by two people
  • #8 Strong visual cues to support learning and development 
Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator

Best use of the simulator:

The Serious Labs MEWP simulator can be integrated into current best training curriculums providing operators with the chance to learn the best and safest work practices, helping them become a more competent operator no matter the model of the equipment. Training on the Serious Labs MEWP enables operators to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge to operate equipment safely in a wide range of scenarios.

Bringing the MEWP Simulator to Australia?

JBHXR as a leader in immersive learning solutions saw an opportunity for Australian companies and training organisations to enhance their EWP training and vocational workplace training offerings. 

The MEWP VR Simulator is a new way of performing MEWP training, remediation, practice and verification of competency, with technology that has never been available before in Australia.