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Vive Headset

Content Optimised for the Best-selling VR Hardware

HTC, Pico, Microsoft and Oculus — with a quickly expanding VR hardware market, choosing between them used to pose a challenge to customers.

Which devices should you buy? With JBHXR, software compatibility is no longer a challenge. The choice is yours. Content licensed and distributed on the JBHXR platform is designed to run seamlessly on all the most popular VR/AR/MR hardware.

Purchase, Configure and Deliver Headsets Ready to Go

JBHXR is hardware agnostic and can help demystify the hardware procurement process, ensuring you get the best headset for your business needs. Ordering and setting up headsets so they are ready to go out of the box is key to ensuring a great user experience.

We work with key stakeholders including IT and Support teams to streamline this process.

JBHXR Package
JBHXR Hardcase

Protect Your VR Hardware Investment

VR offers the opportunity to deliver training any time anywhere. To help make this happen JBHXR offer customised VR charging hard cases to suit the:

Our VR in a box solution also can come with a CPR Cube to work with our Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation module. Cases are wired to enable easy charging for users before and after use. Cases are designed with space to provide users with hygenic sanitisation wipes to help manage hygiene.