Quality Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

extended-reality vr trainingJBHXR uses industry leading technology and hardware (including headsets), recommending the PICO Neo 2 headset due to its high level of enterprise and commercial integration.


Management of VR headsets & assets

device management tools For situations where you may have multiple employees who are needing to access headsets for training, we have a solution. Our partner’s platform, (Snobal Cloud) offers a device (headset) setup and management tool including the ability to add and remove devices easily. Built to give you visibility and control over who is accessing your XR training. 

Headset hygiene guidelines

For your peace of mind and comfort we suggest that your VR headset hygiene covers three key areas

wash your hands

Hand and personal hygiene

Hand and personal hygiene is critical to avoid the transmission of harmful germs. Use an alcohol based hand sanitiser before touching the headset or hand controllers. In addition, do not share a headset with people with contagious conditions, infections or diseases or if you are feeling unwell.

antibacterial wipes on VR headsets

Headset hygiene

Use antibacterial wipes (skin-friendly, non-alcohol, non-abrasive) and removable facepads / faceplates. Do not use wipes on the lens as they may damage them.

Vr hand controllers

Hand controller (and peripherals) hygiene

Clean hand controllers with non-alcohol, skin friendly antibacterial wipes after each use.