JBHXR and Serious Labs partner to bring aerial lift training to Australia in immersive virtual reality

SeriousLabs EWP Simulator

JBHXR, a leading provider of extended reality (XR) learning solutions for Australian businesses, is pleased to announce the availability of immersive, realistic virtual reality (VR) training for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). This training will be made possible through JBHXR’s partnership with Serious Labs, a leading-edge simulation developer with offices in Canada and the United Kingdom. As part of the partnership, JBHXR will have exclusive rights to distribute and train with Serious Labs’ MEWP VR Simulators in Australia.

MEWPs, sometimes called aerial lifts, are heavy equipment widely used in industries including construction, energy, aerospace, trades, and even filmmaking. Just as a flight simulator allows pilots to hone their skills and practice for complex maneuvers in a safe environment, simulator-based MEWP training gives MEWP operators a convenient way to safely build skills and track their progress with deep user data. The Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator is highly portable and includes real MEWP controls as well as actuators to create realistic motion.

“We’re thrilled to be working with an industry leader like Serious Labs to provide this kind of leading-edge training and equipment,” said Ian Tennant, COO of JBHXR. “The MEWP VR Simulator is a whole new way of doing MEWP assessment, learning, and verification of competency, with capabilities that have never been available before. It is safe, cost-effective, and provides objective scoring and assessment for everyone.”

SeriousLabs EWP Simulator

One report showed that the Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator is 97% predictive of user behaviors and skill levels with actual MEWPs. Based on this high degree of predictivity, leading safety organizations across North America and Europe are even allowing users to earn their MEWP operating credentials in VR. This is similar to how simulation is used to provide credentials for other demanding fields including aviation, CPR, robotic surgery, and confined space rescue.

“We are thrilled to be working with JBHXR to provide this leading-edge training and distribute MEWP simulators throughout Australia,” said Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs. “The team at JBHXR brings strong training skills, technical knowledge, and strategic vision, and that is the perfect combination to introduce these valuable products to the Australian market.”

Companies around the world are already using these simulators to improve their jobsite safety and performance. For example, one industry leader is using the MEWP Simulator’s objective skills assessment to make sure challenging MEWP tasks are assigned to the most skilled workers while also providing upskilling for those who need to improve. Airlines are also using the simulator – which includes custom modules for aircraft maintenance training – to reduce the risk of costly MEWP collisions with aircraft.

“Using MEWPs for work at height is increasing in more and more industries, and we’re pleased to be able to offer this groundbreaking training, assessment, and training tool to support them,” said Tennant. “We look forward to providing training and simulators to JBHXR customers across Australia.”