Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator

MEWP VR Simulator

JBHXR has partnered with Serious Labs to bring the award-winning Serious Labs MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) VR Simulator to the Australian market. The MEWP VR Simulator is a hands-on learning solution designed to assess and remediate operators on boom, slab scissor, and rough terrain scissor lifts.

Recognised by global organisations, such as the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), the VR simulator promotes the safe and efficient use of MEWP equipment through realistic controls, activities and scenarios. 

Discover Convenient, Actionable Training

 While traditional training can be costly, requiring site shutdowns and live equipment, simulators offer a convenient solution — operators can easily access hands-on, scenario-based training anytime, anywhere.

  1. Measure operators prior to placing them on the jobsite, to better understand any risk they may pose when using live equipment
  2. Determine potential training or remediation courses where gaps have been identified, helping focus training dollars where needed
  3. Assess skilled operators for advanced certification which is difficult to test with live equipment

Standardised Scenarios

The Serious Labs MEWP VR simulator allows operators to experience complex or high-risk workplace situations in a safe environment, while providing instructors with detailed, actionable performance feedback.

Developed in consultation with industry experts, our scenario training paths  focus on using specific skills and instilling best practices. From basic driving and basket positioning, to truck loading and outrigger placement, our scenarios offer practice, assessment, and remediation options for operators of all levels.

Advanced Operator Training

Advanced operator training was developed in response to increasing demand from contractors for a recognised qualification standard that demonstrates advanced operator proficiency and signifies a certain level of experience using different types of MEWPs.

MEWP VR Simulator

Airline Scenarios

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, there is no room for error. To ensure proper delivery of safety checks, service, and repairs without injury or costly damages, operators must be extremely precise when positioning lifts around parabolic structures. As airlines continue to rely on MEWPs for service and repairs, safe practice and risk assessment become essential.

With over 20 task-based scenarios focused specifically on operating near aircraft, our simulator can safely identify skill gaps and build operator confidence — without risk valuable vehicles and equipment.

ESP Scoring™ Key Features:

Traditional scoring can be limited by human perception and subjectivity. The ESP Scoring™ system uses machine telemetry to monitor, evaluate and report operator performance during a session. It breaks down an operators performance during a session. It breaks down an operator’s performance in terms of Efficiency and Safety, combining the two into an overall assessment of Proficiency.

Each infraction, such as not observing while moving or being aggressive with the controls, is weighted according to its severity and effect on Efficient, Safe and Proficient operation. The combined deductions from a session are compared to a performance baseline to present the potential risk an operator may present when operating a MEWP.

Impartial, actionable and corresponding directly to evaluations on live equipment, ESP Scoring™ offers a standardised approach to MEWP assessment.


A reflection of an operator’s ability to complete tasks and objectives against the allotted time, this metric does not endorse hasty operation, but encourages best practices for multi-control use, optimal route selection, equipment setup and precision positioning.


This attribute gauges the level of risk that an operator poses to a jobsite. It focuses on continuous awareness of surroundings, proper function selection, and demonstrated knowledge of equipment capabilities during complex tasks or objectives.


An amalgamate score combining proficient-specific metrics with an operator’s efficient and safe results. This metric reflects an operator’s ccare and attention towards the equipment, jobsite, and workers in line with accepted industry standards.

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Serious Labs’ MEWP VR simulator subscription is your ticket to unlimited training content.

Subscription Benefits - Continous Product Innovation

  • Unlimited access to simulation training
  • Software updates to keep your simulator functioning
  • Software upgrades to improve your training experience
  • New features, including additional scenarios and in-game functionality
  • Hardware upgrades for comfort and efficiency
  • Customer dashboard with helpful and informative resources
  • Tech support, including bug fixes, patches, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance
  • Product Warranty