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Is VR training more efficient than other learning methods?

VR training allows course and training providers to offer more efficient training with a higher degree of security at a lower cost. But how effective is VR training for learning?

VR training, also referred to as Virtual Reality Based Training (VRBT), is an interactive and dynamic teaching method that uses technology to simulate real-life situations.

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Case study: Using the Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator to evaluate MEWP operator proficiency

With any group of Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operators, there will be highly proficient operators as well as those who are less proficient – potentially even posing a safety risk on the jobsite. Understanding who these operators are is critical to maximizing safety and efficiency, yet most site managers are left using subjective observation and anecdotes to determine their workforce’s MEWP proficiency…

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JBHXR to announce updated CPR training content

JBHXR has been working to develop an updated version of our CPR VR training experience – our new content can now be used both as a practical assessment for reaccreditation or in practice mode to refresh and hone skills. 

The CPR training content offers users the chance to safely test their knowledge in various real-life adult and infant scenarios. 

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In your workforce do you need to know how capable your Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operators are?  

Gaining an understanding of operator proficiency is crucial for project success and can be achieved through: 
Assessing the skills and proficiency levels of your team
Identify operator risks using objective data before placing them on the job site
Planning training requirements and work allocations

Our Serious Labs MEWP VR Simulator was developed as a tool to efficiently gather objective data on operators’ MEWP proficiency levels. A powerful assessment and skill-building tool the data captured enables never-before-seen insights into which operators are highly proficient and which operators’ low proficiency may pose a safety risk.

Content Focus

Articulated Boomlift Scenarios

Boomlift Practical Training – This scenario walks the trainee through multiple steps testing all facets of Boom Lift operation. Check out more here

VR Pole Top Rescue
JBHXR’s VR Pole Top Rescue (PTR) can be used as a practical assessment for re-accreditation as well as a refresher module to hone practical skills. Find out more

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