Helping Business Make the Leap Into VR

JBHXR are experts in developing VR solutions that seamlessly integrate into business learning ecosystems.

Whether it’s developing VR that is part of a blended approach to training, managing the rollout of VR change initiatives, or providing ongoing user support and expertise,​ JBHXR’s professional services can support your business from start to finish.


JBHXR Professional Services Include ​

Strategy and Planning​

Working with you to understanding the big picture and how VR can best support your business goals.

Content Design and Curriculum Development​

End-to-end VR content design and development, leveraging best practice VR training design. Integrating VR into existing digital and face-to-face training delivery for maximum impact.

Data Analysis and Insights

Creating business-focused reporting and analysis with dashboards designed to provide key insights. Enabling VR platform integration with existing learning systems for increased efficiency.

Change Management​

Ensure your VR solution hits the mark from day one. The JBHXR team supports rollout and adoption, engagement, and impact of training..
Change Management

Hardware Procurement and Set Up

Managing hardware deployment and set up from headset choice, procurement, software migration and on premise set up​.

User Support​

Providing help desk support for end-users Expert end-user support to ensure users of all levels have a great VR experience.