VR Confined Spaces Training

VR Confined Spaces Training

Gear up with PPE before entering a potentially dangerous confined space.

Stay alert — confined spaces present unseen dangers. In Confined Spaces, use critical thinking skills, correct techniques, and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to successfully descend below street-level to accomplish the task of shutting off a gas valve. But beware: narrow spaces mean narrow margins for error. Anyone can go in, not everyone can come out safely.
VR Confined spaces training

Immersive VR Training for Confined spaces and heavy industry, in this case, literally.

Developed by VECTRE, VR Confined Spaces training challenges users to identify types of confined spaces, gear up with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and enter a confined space to accomplish a seemingly simple task.

But that’s only the beginning. Danger lies just below the surface, where help is as scarce as oxygen.

Stay alert: the threat is silent and invisible.

Trainees must remain alert and mentally engaged at all times, staying in regular contact with the attendee at street-level above them and monitoring air quality for changes that could prove life-threatening with prolonged exposure.

One simple mistake and the results could be catastrophic.

Inside Confined Space
Confined Space senario in VR

Core Learning Objectives

VECTRE’s Confined Spaces challenges trainees to demonstrate their knowledge of confined space entry protocols and achieve four core objectives.

Identify different types of confined spaces

Determine if a permit is required for entry or not, and label each space accordingly.

Personal Protective Equipment use and communication

Properly don the correct PPE and maintain appropriate lines of communication.

Hazard identification and gas detection

Remove visible hazards, place barriers around the workzone, and test air quality levels.

Confined space practical assessment

Demonstrate your knowledge of confined space safety in real-time with simulated consequences.

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