VR CPR Training

VR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training

Practice CPR in an immersive virtual reality scenario

JBHXR’s VR CPR Training can be used as a practical assessment for reaccreditation or as a refresher module to hone practical skills.
VR CPR training

Be better prepared for emergencies with VR CPR Training

When the time comes to apply CPR being prepared is one of the most valuable skills anyone can have. But how can you ensure you are ready?

JBHXR’s Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) offers a truly unique approach to undertaking CPR training. This VR training module can be used as a practical assessment for reaccreditation or a refresher module to hone practical skills.

Blended with either face-to-face or eLearning this VR training experience provides the ideal way to ensure theory is translated into best practice.

Take a hands-on approach to review and demonstrating your CPR knowledge in 4 different Virtual Reality scenarios including Single person CPR, Two-Person CPR, Using a Defibrillator, and Infant CPR.

Effectively Perform CPR

JBHXR CPR Training uses a virtual overlay over a real-world CPR mannequin for greater realism and immersion. 

CPR allows the user to take a hands-on approach to demonstrate knowledge and skills in an immersive real-world simulation.

JBHXR’s CPR is an engaging and immersive practical training simulation that ensures trainees are able to manage a number of high consequence scenarios.

This experience has real-world consequences designed to challenge and engage learners.

Key Tasks include:

VR CPR Compressions
VR CPR Dummy used in training

Core Learning Objectives

JBHXR VR CPR takes training out of theory and brings it into vivid practice with critical, hands-on, challenges for trainees:

Quickly and effectively assess the situation

Survey the area and correctly check and remove any dangers.

Evaluate the victim and contact Emergency Services.

Check for response and correctly manage the feedback provided and take steps to prepare for CPR.

Perform CPR and Defib Resuscitation

In each of the scenarios correctly perform all tasks associated with CPR and save the casualty’s life.

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