VR Fall Protection Training

VR Fall Protection Training

Change behavior with Fall Protection Training they won't forget.

Nothing is 'routine' when you're working at heights.

Every year, hundreds of workers die in falls. In almost every case, those incidents could have been prevented.
We refuse to accept those numbers. That’s why we created the most intense and engaging Fall Protection VR safety training ever, now available from JBHXR. 

Vr fall prevention training

Keep trainees alert and engaged with scenario randomization.

Using our first-to-market Scenario Randomisation feature, challenge trainees to choose the right personal fall arrest system every time, by presenting them with countless randomised equipment defects. When working on an elevated job site, every decision counts.

Improve decision-making with simulated consequences.

Demonstrate to trainees in jaw-dropping 3D realism the terrifying consequences of even a temporary lapse in judgement or a failure to observe proper safety protocols when working at heights. So go ahead.
Look down.

Core Learning Objectives

JBHXR VR Fall Protection takes fall hazard training out of theory and brings it into vivid practice with three critical, hands-on, challenges for trainees:

Perform a leak investigation

Locate, classify, and document the nature, position, and severity of the gas leak emergency.

Identify and eliminate ignition sources

Identify all potential ignition sources that could turn a simple leak into a deadly explosion.

Evacuate, ventilate, and secure the area

Follow protocols to properly evacuate, air-out, and lock-down the area surrounding the leak.

Communicate and coordinate with customers and agencies

Work with dispatch, the fire department, and residents to get the situation under control.

Monitor changing conditions on the ground

Actively monitor changing gas levels, environmental conditions, and other complicating factors.

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