VR Forklift Simulator Training

VR Forklift Simulator Training

Practice your forklift skills in the safety of Virtual Reality.

Get time on a forklift, without needing a forklift.

Designed to suplement training on a live forklift, the forklift simulator allows inexperienced operators to get valuable machine time in a safe environment.

From pre-start safety inspection to moving a load using the forklist, this simulator replicates the real world.

fork tyre

Looks safe for use, right? Better take a second look.

A forklift can be a deadly machine if not maintained in the right manner. Pre-start inspections are a key part of workplace safety.

Work your way through the pre-start inspection and find the common areas to look out for.

Get on board and use the forklift.

Once you have deemed the forklift safe, it is time to get on board and use the machine.

Practive the basics, forward and reverese movement, before adding a load and moving it to a new storage area. 

fork drive 2
fork menu

Core Learning Objectives


Perform pre-operational and operational forklift inspections


Practice driving forward and in reverse. Learn how to accurately turn and position the vehicle.


Train to properly lift and move materials around a warehouse environment.


Learn best practices for lowering and dropping off packages safely.

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