VR Inside Gas Leak Investigation

VR Inside Leak Investigation Training

Conduct an investigation of a suspected inside gas leak in fully immersive VR

There's a reported inside gas leak — can you learn to respond to protect life and property?

In JBHXR VR Inside Gas Leak training,  participants enter a simulated residential dwelling to conduct a thorough investigation of a customer-reported gas leak in their basement.
Using their decision-making skills and available tools, trainees must determine if a leak exists, identify its source, and take appropriate measures to resolve the issue, before anyone gets hurt or worse.

VR inside gas leak training

VR Inside Gas Leak training. Use the right tools to get the job done.

Built in partnership with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), this module provides trainees with a number of functional, simulated, real-world tools to help them correctly respond to the reported gas leak.

Randomized VR scenarios test the depth of trainee knowledge.

Just as in real life, hazards come in many forms. Using scenario randomization, we ensure that trainees are kept alert and engaged by presenting them with virtually endless situational variables designed to keep them on their toes.

Find out what they know to look for and what they might miss.

Inside Gas Scenario in VR
Vr training -Inside Gas Tool Box

Core Learning Objectives

JBHXR VR Inside Leak Investigation challenges trainees to perform a multi-faceted gas leak investigation, grading them on three core objectives.

Perform a multi-step leak investigation

Use real-life training methods, observational techniques, and critical thinking skills to identify the source of a suspected gas leak.

Identify hazards and recommend corrective actions

Utilize the simulated real-world tools provided to determine the nature of the leak and take steps to neutralize any possible threat to customers.

Document the process and report findings

Ensure each step of your Inside Leak Investigation is conducted properly, reporting your findings and documenting your actions from inspection to resolution.

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