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Bodyswaps - Job Interview Simulator

Learning to master job interviews with our immersive interview coaching tool.

Bodyswaps - Job Interview Simulator

Job Interview Simulator

Bodyswaps’ Job Interview Simulator is a first-of-its-kind solution, empowering students to learn interview techniques, perfect their pitch and practise dozens of interview questions.
Across 4 engaging virtual reality modules and over 75 questions, students build their job interview skills autonomously, through repeated practice, personalised feedback and in total psychological safety.
The Job Interview Simulator is available now for VR, mobile and PC.

Job Interview Simulator Training Modules

Managing interview anxiety

An interview should be your time to shine, but nerves and anxiety can hold you back. This module looks at three simple methods to help you: build confidence, manage anxiety and banish harmful self-criticism.

Showcase your true strengths and achievements in interviews

Through this module, you will:

Discover how posture influences not only your chances of success, but also your physiological state
Follow a guided meditation to learn an effective mindfulness technique for reducing stress and anxiety
Develop a research-based self-counselling practice to quieten your ‘inner critic’ and break the cycle of nerves, negative thoughts and self-criticism
Managing Interview Anxiety

The Scenario

Whether you’re a first timer or a career veteran, job interviews can be immensely stressful.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous. But if interview jitters get in the way of showing off your true strengths and achievements, they could jeopardise your chances of success.

The good news is that we have some techniques you can use to remain cool, calm and collected when you walk through that interview room door.

Landing the Perfect Job

Landing the perfect job, on your own terms!

This module looks at how to answer character-based interview questions. Discover a three-part strategy and learn how to turn your needs into strengths to show why you’re the best person for the job.

Through this module, you will:

Discover a three-step strategy for preparing yourself for character-related questions in a job interview
Craft winning answers that are relevant, memorable and succinct
Practise your verbal and non-verbal communication skills when delivering responses in an interview

The Scenario

But who are you? What makes you the best choice? And how do you communicate your qualities to your interviewers?

We’re about to find out.

Three steps to answering (almost) any question

This module looks at how to answer behavioural interview questions. Learn why great storytelling is essential for making an impact during an interview and discover a simple, effective technique for crafting winning answers to almost any question.

Through this module, you will:

Practise analysing interview questions (including curve balls) to identify what the interviewer is looking for
Discover a fail-safe three-step strategy for answering behavioural questions in a job interview
Craft winning answers using the C.A.R. (Context, Action, Result) technique
Practise your verbal and non-verbal communication skills when delivering responses in an interview
Three Steps to Answering Any Question

The Scenario

Every career counsellor worth their salt will tell you how important it is to prepare for your interview by practising, practising, practising answering different types of questions. But if your strategy is to learn how to answer every question verbatim, you’re going to come unstuck.

The best approach is to master a technique that will help you to answer almost any question the interviewer can throw at you.

Interview Simulation

Interview Simulation

Fine-tune your interview technique and put your skills to the test. Choose between six modes of play, practise answering common interview questions in your own words, then switch positions to playback your answers as seen through the interviewer’s eyes..

The ultimate interview preparation featuring 60 top interview questions

In this interview, you can choose what type of questions to answer. You’ll then watch yourself back and get valuable feedback.

Classic questions - those common questions that come up in nearly every interview
Career goal questions - professional achievements and aspirations
Character questions - who you are, your morals, integrity and values
Competency or behavioural questions - evidencing your ability to do the job
Curveball or creative questions designed to put you on the spot

The Scenario

Welcome to Bodyswaps, we’ve been expecting you!

Now that you’ve completed the first 3 modules, you know how to manage stress and anxiety. You’ve built your key stories and learnt the C.A.R. technique.

Let’s put that to the test. Your interview will begin in just a moment.

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