VR Lockout Tagout Safety Training

VR Lockout Tagout Safety Training

Designed by VECTRE

Practice correct Lockout/Tagout procedure in VR to ensure a safer workspace.
VR Lock Out Tag

Creating a culture of safety is everyone's job.

Learn the concepts of Locking Out and Tagging Out powered machinery in a safe virtual environment.

Complies with OSHA standards of procedure.

VR Lockout Tagout lets your workers train through personal experience.

JBHXR VR Lockout/Tagout Safety Training teaches OSHA-compliant LO/TO procedures from the initial preparation phase to the restoration of the machine to safe operating order.

In the final assessment mode, trainees will apply everything they’ve learned to ensure they successful comprehend the process and can repeat it in a real life, on-the-job scenario.

VR Lock Out Tagout training
Lock Out Tag in virtual reality simulation

Fully immersive and interactive safety inspections — with real-time feedback.

Trainees move about freely in the simulated 3D Virtual Reality environment, inspecting machines from all possible angles and physically interacting with functional machine and equipment components like levers, buttons, and valves.

Users complete each objective with critical feedback as they go, learning by doing, ensuring more meaningful and effective training.

VR User

Core Learning Objectives

With four core learning objectives, Lockout/Tagout Safety Training challenges trainees to practice and be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of critical safety protocols.

Identify situations that require Lockout/Tagout

Use critical thinking skills to determine if a Lockout/Tagout procedure is needed.

Teach trainees the correct steps in LO/TO procedure

Ensure trainees understand the correct order of operations in a LO/TO scenario.

Use a documented machine shutdown procedure

Demonstrate the correct procedure to shut down a machine safely for maintenance or repair.

Reinstate equipment when safe to resume operation

Return a machine to safe working order after it has been cleared for use.

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