VR Low Voltage Rescue Training

VR Low Voltage Rescue Training

Improve critical safety skills with JBHXR Low Voltage Rescue

Keep your trainees alert and engaged with scenario randomization
JHXR’s Low Voltage Rescue (LVR) can be used as a practical assessment for re-accreditation as well as a refresher module to hone practical skills.
Vr low voltage rescue training

Be better prepared in case of an emergency

Ensure you are ready when the time comes to apply your knowledge and skills.

Blended with either face-to-face or eLearning training JBHXR VR Low Voltage Rescue Training provides the ideal way to ensure theory is translated into best practice.

VR Low Voltage Rescue Training helps your workers translate theory into best practice.

Low Voltage Rescue offers users the chance to take a hands-on approach to demonstrating their knowledge and skills in a real-world simulation.

JBHXR’s VR Low Voltage Rescue training is an engaging and immersive practical training simulation that ensures trainees are able to set up a site correctly and then implement the correct rescue techniques in the case of an emergency.

This experience has real-world consequences designed to challenge and engage learners.

Low voltage rescure training in virtual reality
VR User

Core Learning Objectives

JBHXR Low Voltage Rescue takes training out of theory and brings it into a vivid practice simulation with critical, hands-on, challenges for trainees:

Prepare the worksite

The learner knows how to correctly prepare the worksite ready to perform tasks.

Select the correct tools for the job

Choose and correctly use the tools to manage the scenario.

Low Voltage Rescue Assessment

Contact emergency services, neutralise the electrical incident, rescue the casualty and correctly follow up after the rescue is complete to pass the course.

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