VR Workplace Communication

How do you create the right environment for high-performing teams?

High-performing teams share one thing: psychological safety. It is conducive to open and respectful workplace communication and fosters creativity. Finally, it gives space to new ideas and perspectives to grow.

VR workplace communication

Workplace Communication Essentials

This series of simulations, targeted at all team members from juniors to managers, is designed to build the foundations of a high-performing team environment. Learners will get to practise and build the necessary confidence to adopt best practices in active listening, horizontal communication and challenging non-inclusive behaviours.

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Workplace Communication Training Modules

Active Listening

Identify poor active listening habits, experience what lack of active listening feels like and practise active listening behaviours like clarifying, summarising or acknowledging emotions. successfully comprehend the process and can repeat it in a real life, on-the-job scenario.

The Do's and Don't of constructive listening

The Active listening scenario looks at a set of techniques that will help you build better relationships with the people around you.

Identify emotions in a conversation

Distinguish between good and poor active listening practices

Apply active listening techniques and behaviors in apractical scenario

Active Listening

The Scenario

You are meeting with Dave and Amy, two colleagues.

Dave just got feedback from his manager and is pretty upset. He needs to talk. Amy jumps in and tries to help out…poorly.

Your first task is to observe Amy and identify poor active listening behaviors. Later, face-to-face with Dave, you will have a chance to practice your active listening skills and help him towards finding a solution.

Clear Communication

Clear Communication Skills

Identify poor communication practices, experience what you sound like to other people and practise clear communication behaviours like emotional self-regulation, affirmative body language or summarising.

The Do's and Don'ts of communicating with impact

Clear communication involves a set of techniques that will get you heard, understood and make you able to influence others.

Distinguish between good and bad communication practices

Apply clear communications techniques and behavior in a practical scenario

The Scenario

You have been working with Daniel on a project that Sonya is overseeing.

The delivery is due tomorrow but something came up and you need an extension. Daniel is doing a pretty terrible job of communicating what happened and what you need.

Your first task is to observe Daniel and identify poor communication practices. Then, face-to-face with Sonya, you will have the opportunity to have a go yourself at explaining the situation and requesting a delay.

Gender Inclusion

Identify non-inclusive behaviours, experience what microaggressions feel like and practise strategies to challenge non-inclusive behaviour such as objective feedback, impact assessment and open-ended questioning.

Challenging non-inclusive behavior

Challenging non-inclusive behaviours

involves a set of steps that will help you start these important conversations and foster an inclusive work environment.

Learn to observe and identify a broad range of non-inclusive behaviours

Apply techniques to challenge a non-inclusive behaviour

This scenario has been co-developed with Interact, an award-winning London-based training consultancy specialised in experiential learning.
Gender Inclusion

The Scenario

You’re meeting colleagues, Sam and Sophie, to catch-up on a project you’ve been working on together for a while.

Amy’s contribution is stellar whereas David is running a bit late on a couple of things. Rather than owning up to it, he’s attacking Sophie, using a variety of tactics from sexism hints to full-on bullying.

Your first task is to observe and identify Sam’s behaviour. Then, face-to-face with him, you will have to challenge his attitude and make him reflect on it so that he can transform his relationship with Sophie.

Career Mindset Development

Career Mindset Development

Learn how others see you and develop self-awareness, practise introducing yourself to new colleagues and discover 3 rules to making a positive impact at work.

Get your career off on the right track

Get your career off on the right track by role-playing challenging situations with virtual colleagues, then swap places to observe your own words and actions from their perspective. Through this engaging, 15 minute interactive simulation, you will:

Learn how others see you

Develop self-awareness

Practise introducing yourself to new colleagues

Build confidence in talking to people you don’t know

Discover three rules to making a positive impact at work

Practise communicating ideas clearly and with confidence

The Scenario

Great news! You’ve landed an internship with a leading games design agency, but now it’s time to go to work. Are you ready for your first day as an up and coming member of the team? Have you got what it takes to make a great first impression and excel in your new position?

The first days in a new job have always been nerve-wracking. But in today’s climate, it can be especially daunting for anyone just starting out or returning to work after a career break. Employers expect candidates to arrive in the workplace with ready-made soft skills, but fewer entry-level jobs means that opportunities to build these skills are more limited than ever before.

Bodyswaps uses behavioural science, AI data and immersive VR to simulate realistic workplace scenarios where you can practise and perfect those all-important soft skills in a psychologically safe environment.

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