XR Training Platform

VR Training Accessible Anytime Anywhere

JBHXR cloud-based platform enables the delivery of content to headsets and users located across Australia allowing streamlined management of VR training whenever and wherever it is required.

Key Platform Features: 


Provides complete control to an organisation including the ability to create and edit user profiles and grant secure access to VR content through authentication.


Enables the provisioning of the latest content directly to users and devices, with automatic updates and version control. This ensures that all users are completing the latest version while reducing the need to manually manage content uploads and software updates.


If you work with other organisations or need to segment your users you will be able to create organisations and user groups, extend and revoke permissions, and view session data on custom dashboards. This allows you to directly manage your VR content and users.

Apex Platform

Cross-platform Support for HMDs

Distribute VR, AR, or MR content to a wide variety of the most popular standalone or tethered XR devices, including those from bestselling brands like Oculus, Pico, HTC, and HP.

In-depth Data Analytics

JBHXR Platform and VR solutions provide organisations the power to collect, sort, and view in-depth, SCORM-compliant data with a simple, easy-to-use, custom dashboard. Integration with your LMS can streamline management of learners and student records.


The JBHXR platform allows for VR, AR, or MR content to be directly pushed to headsets. No sideloading. No hassle. Just better experiences.